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The Back to Ag Program is a funding project focused on supporting the cost of adaptive technology for farmers that have experienced a traumatic injury. The Back to Ag Program is funded by FCC and delivered in partnership with CASA and the Rick Hanson Foundation.

CASA is now accepting applications year-round for the Back to Ag program. Applicants must be farmers who have experienced a life-altering incident resulting in a disability. They must demonstrate that the purchase of specialized equipment or adaptation of existing equipment will help them get back to work on the farm safely. For more information about program criteria or to submit an application, please download the links below:


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Manitoba Farmers with Disabilities (English only) – Manitoba Farmers Assistive Tools Kit: Helping farm families face the challenges of injury, illness, and disability The Manitoba Farmers Assistive Tools Kit is intended to enhance the lives of farmers and their families who face the challenge of living and working with a disability.

AgrAbility (U.S. English only) – Assistive Technology (AT) is defined as any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially, modified or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. For agricultural workers with disabilities, many solutions exist, including manufactured devices or structures, modified work practices, and do-it-yourself plans.

AgrAbility (U.S. English only) – Worksite and Vocational Issues Agricultural workers with disabilities normally need assistive technology, modifications to their worksites, assistance with funding disability-related expenses, or guidance in exploring new career paths. 

AgrAbility (U.S. English only) – Evaluating Agricultural Workplace Assistive Technology for Secondary Injury Hazards: An Assessment Tool for Professionals Who Assist Farmers and Ranchers with Disabilities This document is an assessment instrument desgined to estimate the potential for 'secondary injury' from the use of 'assistive technology' by farmers, ranchers, or other agricultural workers who have disabilities. 

A Message from Rick Hansen – YouTube Video Back to Ag Program