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Be part of a new national fundraising campaign to prevent kids and adults from dying in grain.

CASA wants to bring more grain safety education and training to rural communities.

The Grain Safety Program will start with one mobile unit and trade show display, focused on Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Farmers and their families will have the opportunity to interact with the display in a variety of locations, including farm shows.

Along with raising the public’s awareness about the dangers of grain, the mobile unit will help train first responders.

These organizations know that the number one asset any farm has are its people and the financial cost of a serious injury or death pales in comparison to the emotional loss of a loved one.

Across Canada, the number of people being trapped in grain is on the rise. The Grain Safety Program is intended to address this issue. At the heart of the program is the building of a mobile demonstration unit that can function as both an education and training tool.

“This program is about saving lives,” says Marcel Hacault, Executive Director of CASA. “The mobile unit will be used to raise awareness about the hazards of moving grain. It will also be available for training first responders in rescue techniques and by larger farms to develop customized emergency procedures.”

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