BeGrainSafe - Sponsors

BeGrainSafe has received commitments from a number of sponsors to help in support of The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association's (CASA) Grain Safety Program. At the heart of this program is the mobile demonstration unit. The mobile unit will have three purposes: train first responders in grain extraction procedures, bring awareness to the general public about the dangers of grain entrapment and provide on-site training to workplaces.

Crop Production Services (CPS), the retail subsidiary of Agrium Inc., was the first major contributor to BeGrainSafe with a committment of $80,000 over three years to BeGrainSafe and CASA’s charitable arm, the FarmSafe Foundation.

Canadian Canola Growers Association, Alberta Pulse Growers, Alberta Wheat Commission, and Prairie Oat Growers Association, Alberta Canola Producers Commission, Manitoba Canola Growers, Manitoba Corn Growers Association, Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission and Red Deer County have committed over $250,000 over the next two years.

G3 Canada Limited (G3), Canada's newest grain handling company, is also contributing $75,000 over three years to BeGrainSafe, CASA’s new Grain Safety Program.

CN has committed $50,000 over 2 years to BeGrainSafe.

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Potential sponsors, check out our Grain Safety Program Sponsorship Package and consider becoming a CASA Sponsor today.

Hungry for more? Download our FarmSafe Foundation brochure.

The FarmSafe Foundation is a registered Canadian charity (Charitable Registration Number: 8404 04487 RR0001) supporting the farm safety initiatives of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA). CASA is Canada’s only organization with a national mandate that focuses on agricultural occupational injury prevention in a collaborative fashion. Our mission is to make the agricultural sector a safe place to work and live in, by helping producers see and manage risks in their workplace