Welcome to CASA's stock footage library! If you are a journalist, a researcher, an educator, or anyone interested in communicating agricultural messages through video—this site is for you!

Too often in video clippings, we see agricultural activities being portrayed in an unsafe manner. It could be as simple as an agricultural worker not wearing a seatbelt, or not wearing the appropriate protective equipment. Or even a folksy shot of an old tractor that hasn't seen the field in years and is far behind the latest safety innovations.

The fact is that agriculture is a modern and constantly evolving industry. There are recognized safety standards in equipment and preferred safety practices that are proven to save lives.

That's why we created this stock footage library—so we can provide media, educators, researchers and the public with high quality videos portraying a wide range of agricultural tasks being completed in a safe manner.

From fruit and vegetable workers using safe harvesting and handling methods to workers operating equipment following accepted safe work procedures, CASA's stock footage library has over 60 videos available for download and public use.

Best of all—it's free. Select between standard and high definition video and download for your convenience.

If you need a particular shot and you want to make sure it's being done safely, or if you know you will be needing images in the future, we encourage you to bookmark our site and use it as a resource, because the road to safety starts with you!

Questions, email info@casa-acsa.ca.