Presentations from Be the Difference! CASA’s 2015 conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, October 6 to 8.

Download a booklet focusing on the latest information and discoveries re farm animals, zoonotic diseases, and bio-security issues. 

Livestock production is a major contributor of ammonia emissions. Ammonia (NH3) is produced inside livestock buildings, in open feedlots, in manure storage facilities, during manure handling and treatment and when manure is applied to soils.

Ammonia in livestock facilities results primarily from the breakdown of urea (present in urine) by the enzyme urease (excreted in feces). In poultry, urease is excreted with uric acid.

Ammonia Emissions and Safety

Download this essential information about Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis - the facts, prevention, handling & how to report a suspect case.

Farm Safety Association produces a number of factsheets in English.

The factsheets are available to download for free in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf).


Download short farm safety talks for employees on topics such as Agricultural Fire Safety, Cleaning Up Chemical Spills, WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Material Information System, General Housekeeping in the Workplace, Safe Handling of Farm Animals, and Respiratory Hazards in the Agriculture. French and Spanish versions are also available for download.

This video is designed to educate foreign workers on safe farming practices and covers personal protective equipment, sun safety, knife safety, chemical and pesticide safety, machinery hazards, forklift safety, and safe animal handling. Video is available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Download this factsheet to understand animal behavior in order to handle livestock in a safer manner.

From Nanoparticles to Natural Gas: Keeping Hog Barns Efficient and Healthy Places to Work - a PowerPoint presentation by B. Predicala, A. Alvarado, Dominguez, Y. Jin from the Prairie Swine Centre Inc. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 2011