Electrical Safety

Presentations from Be the Difference! CASA’s 2015 conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, October 6 to 8.

Too many accidents happen to workers in agriculture and landscaping because energy sources were not neutralized while maintenance was being carried out. This VHS video covers the basics of locking out these energy sources and preventing potential tragedies. Available on loan or you may purchase the VHS video for $20.00 here. 


This video shows a danger sign focusing on electrical concerns. It indicates that workers operating farm machinery should ensure their vehicles stay clear of all utility lines, as electric shock contact with overhead electrical lines can cause serious injury or death. Total shots: 1.


File format: Quicktime (.mov)
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Audio: Mono 22.050 khz

Download this booklet explaining the dangers of working on and around energized low- and high-voltage equipment and conductors. It is written for supervisors and workers who work around and with electrical circuits and near power lines as part of their job and who are familiar with the basic hazards of electrical contact. The three sections include the dangers of low-voltage contact, the dangers of high-voltage contact, and how to deal with electrical injuries.