An illustrated handbook from WorkSafeBC that explains how the back works, provides tips for avoiding injury, and shows how to care for the back during recovery. The booklet also covers situations that can cause excessive loads and describes ways to reduce the risk of injury. Download here.

This website provides information on migrant health care issues (English, some items in Spanish).


Download this small (shirt-pocket sized) booklet filled with illustrated descriptions of simple stretching exercises to reduce the risk of musculo-skeletal injury. The booklet is addressed primarily to workers, and may also be used by employers as part of an overall Musculo-Skeletal Injury Prevention Program.

Canada’s agricultural industry relies on seasonal workers to complete agricultural production work within seasonal windows. Many of these seasonal workers may lack an understanding of the health and safety issues related to the various types of agricultural work, limited in some cases, due to cultural or language differences. This half day seasonal worker health and safety orientation program is designed for farm owners and managers to use along with their own training programs for their seasonal workers.

Download this educational guide for workers on sprains, strains and other MSIs.