A video entitled Country Commuters - Farm Machinery on the Road was developed to make both farmers and the general public aware of the hazards with transporting agricultural equipment on the roadways.

Too many accidents happen to workers in agriculture and landscaping because energy sources were not neutralized while maintenance was being carried out. This VHS video covers the basics of locking out these energy sources and preventing potential tragedies. Available on loan or you may purchase the VHS video for $20.00 here. 

Personal protective equipment is apparel and devices worn to protect the body from contact with pesticides or pesticide residues, including aprons, chemical-resistant suits, coveralls, footwear, gloves, headgear, protective eyewear and respirators. This video (and related brochure) focus on some of the basics of personal protective equipment (PPE) but does NOT substitute for following the pesticide product label, the PPE user structions, and all applicable government regulations.

"Don't think it can't happen to you."

This video tells the story of six Manitoba farmers whose lives were dramatically affected by a moment of neglect. An accident can happen quickly with a lifetime of regret. Farm safety is key to building good work ethics in all aspects of your agricultural business.

Farmer to Farmer offers a powerful message for farm families. This 16-minute video tells the personal story of how the accident happened and how their lives have changed forever.

This video is designed to educate foreign workers on safe farming practices and covers personal protective equipment, sun safety, knife safety, chemical and pesticide safety, machinery hazards, forklift safety, and safe animal handling. Video is available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

From Nanoparticles to Natural Gas: Keeping Hog Barns Efficient and Healthy Places to Work - a PowerPoint presentation by B. Predicala, A. Alvarado, Dominguez, Y. Jin from the Prairie Swine Centre Inc. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 2011


PowerPoint presentation by Glen Blahey, safety and health specialist with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association to the Canadian Orthopedic Nurses Association Conference in Winnipeg, June 7, 2011.  The 33 slides contain the latest stats on ag fatalities in Canada, the major causes and a list of resources for injury prevention on the farm. 


A video was developed dealing with Skin Cancer awareness specifically for an agricultural audience.

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Four Quebec farmers tell their stories of surviving incidents in enclosed spaces.

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