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Young on the Farm

In support of our ongoing Bernie and the Cat program of products to increase awareness with children younger than 10 yrs. on the farm, a new Activity Book has been designed and printed to rejuvenate and supplement the first version (which has been in the field for the better part of the last decade).


Farm Hazard Survivor

In 2005, a series of two books were designed, written and produced which were aimed at the target age group of pre-teens ( 8-12 years of age), a group which in the past often felt “too old“ for the Bernie and the Cat materials.  The “survivor series” is loosely designed after the popular TV reality shows as they are designed to challenge the readers knowledge on “how to survive“ the dangers of farming as they embark on the challenges of doing chores or starting a summer job on the farm.

Safety Is In The Cards

A children’s farm safety card game is now available for helping get the safety message to younger children. It reminds rural children of the hazards they may encounter on the farm. The game features the Farm Safety Association’s safety characters Bernie and the Cat.


  • Find the Hazards (Bernie and the Cat)
  • Lawnmower Safety Tips
  • How Fast Can You React
  • Skid Steer Reminder
  • Ready For the Road
  • Lock It Out
  • Walterscheid Safety Fun Mat
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