FCC Ag Safety Fund

Deliver Safety Training


The FCC AgSafety Fund helps charitable and non-profit groups deliver agriculture safety training to farmers and/or their workers across Canada either through direct training or a train the trainer model.

The grant is administered through a partnership between Farm Credit Canada (FCC) and the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) to provide training to keep farmers, their families, agribusiness operations and employees safe at work.

Each year, approximately $100,000 in total is disbursed to successful applicants. Individuals and/or groups proposing programs or projects with a local or provincial scope are eligible to receive a maximum of $5,000. Applicants proposing programs with a national scope are eligible to receive a maximum of $15,000. The amount of funding awarded is based on the budgeted costs of the proposed project. 

Since the inception of the fund in 2010, over $450,000 has been distributed to safety champions across Canada.  The FCC Ag Safety funding is making farms, and communities, safer, one project at a time.

For a list of projects funded by the FCC Ag Safety Fund in 2016, click here.