FCC AgSafety Fund 2013-2014


Project Name Organization Name Target Audience Funding
 Farm Safety Planning Equals Managing Farm Risk  Farm Management Canada  National 25,000
 Pig Handling Training Video  Manitoba Pork Council  National 25,000 
 Canada Farm Safety Train-the-trainer  Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture  Provincial  10,000
 Best Practices in Farm Safety  Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia  Provincial 10,000 
 Turkey Industry Safe Work Practices Development  Poultry Service Association  Provincial 10,000 
 Piloting the FarmSafe program in Quebec  Quebec Farmers’ Association (QFA)  Provincial 10,000 
 Safety Smarts  Raymond & District Futures Society  Provincial 10,000 
 Forklift Certification for Farm Operators and Farm Workers  PEI AG Sector Council  Provincial 9,863 
 Training: The Safe Operation of Tractors and Motorized Handling Equipment  Union des Producteurs Agricole (UPA)  Provincial 9,750 
 Young Farmers, Safer Farmers  Manitoba Farmers with Disabilities  Provincial 5,200 


For a pdf list of projects funded by the FCC Ag Safety Fund in 2013, click here