Leave a Legacy

Leave a LegacyWould you like to donate to the FarmSafe Foundation in your will? Would you or someone you know like to dedicate a donation to the FarmSafe Foundation in memory of a particular individual? Maybe you would like others to cherish your memory by donating to farm safety through the Foundation?

Legacy giving is a great way to donate to the causes you care about, in a way that doesn’t affect your income now. It’s a way of giving back and expressing your values, while helping registered charities like the FarmSafe Foundation sustain themselves into the future.

Is farm safety close to your heart? Do you want to help the FarmSafe Foundation continue its important work of supporting farm safety for children and producers? We can help. Contact us and we would be honoured to work with you and your financial planner as you establish your legacy gift to the Foundation.

Marcel Hacault,
Executive Director
Canadian Agricultural Safety Association
1-877-452-2272 mhacault@casa-acsa.ca