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2011 Canadian Agricultural Safety Week materials:

CASW general release
CASW broadcast PSA
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#1 Make your safety plan work for you
#2 Farm safety helps control damage and waste
#3 Farm safety: Good housekeeping is good business
#4 Manage the risk: control the hazard
#5 Include kids in your farm safety plan
#6 Machinery runovers are preventable
#7 Work a plan for safety in confined spaces
#8 Progressive Ag Safety Days® make farm and ranch life safer for kids
#9 Bill C-45 and your farm
Alberta honey producer walks the safety talk    
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Download 2011 PLAN.FARM.SAFETY. theme releases and PSAs:

1 Canada FarmSafe Plan.doc30.5 KB
2 Communicating Safety Responsibilities to Farm Visitors.doc30.5 KB
3 Write safety policies for every job on your farm (2).doc29 KB
4 Four step process to farm first aid reports.doc29.5 KB
5 Emergency preparedness needs a plan.doc30 KB
Radio PSA (1) - Toolbox Talks (e) - 30 sec.pdf140.91 KB
Radio PSA (2) - Toolbox Talks (e) - 30 sec.pdf203.74 KB
6 Learn from every safety incident on the farm.doc30.5 KB