Speak Up For Safer Equipment

This support mechanism is intended to provide support to primary agricultural producers who have perceived a hazardous condition which they believe to exist due to absence of standard or design oversight and wish to have the concern addressed. See More +

What Concerns Do We Handle?

  • Concerns related to the occupational safety and health of operators and or bystanders while agricultural equipment is utilized for the production of primary agricultural products.

We Do Not Handle

  • Matters where legal proceedings have been initiated
  • Labour relations issues
  • Concerns from workers without the owner’s consent
  • Issues related to financial transactions
  • Issues related to consumer products intended for residential lawn and garden maintenance
  • Issues related to off road recreational vehicles designed and primarily used for recreational purposes

How Do We Deal With Your Concern

  • Received concerns will be assessed to ensure that they are within the scope of CASA’s mandate
  • You will receive confirmation of receipt of your concern
  • Your concern will be forwarded to the appropriate manufacturer’s representative if the matter is considered unique to a particular manufacturer, OR
  • Your concern (with personal identifiers and manufacturer identifiers removed) will be forwarded to the Canadian Standards Association Technical Committee on Agricultural Machinery if the matter is considered as a universal design issue.
  • The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) will contact you when update information is available.
  • The manufacturer or representative of the manufacturer may contact you directly at their discretion.

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Concerns can be submitted electronically by following the procedures below or by calling (877) 452-2272

Step 1
The nature of your concern

Describe your concern. Provide as much detail as possible including: date/time, the type of work being done, procedure that was followed, attachments or implements being used at the time, was anyone injured, extent of injury, was the injury investigated, etc.

Equipment Information

(if applicable)

Mounted, attached or trailed equipment

(if applicable)

Step 2
Additional Details
Have you discussed if with (please indicate who and when)
Step 3
Your contact information
Your contact information
Your contact information
Step 4
Review and Submit

Please review the information you have provided to ensure it is complete and accurate and that you agree with the terms and conditions of this reporting mechanism

Terms and Conditions

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association may not be able to facilitate the resolution of your concern to your satisfaction. No guarantees are expressed nor implied.

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association does rely on the integrity of the information you provide. CASA will not conduct an independent investigation of the concerns and therefore will not render any opinions on the matter.

Information provided will only be communicated to the manufacturer of equipment described in your concern.

If applicable, a general description of the concern(s), with personal information and manufacturer identifiers removed, may be provided to a technical standards review committee to consider the adequacy of current standards respecting the given concern.