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BeGrainSafe Trade Show Unit

BeGrainSafe Trade Show Unit

The BeGrainSafe Trade Show Unit demonstrates grain hazards using a combination of educational pop-up banners and interactive displays. It is designed to occupy an eight foot by 10 foot space, and is perfect for small ag shows, fairs and educational events. The Trade Show Unit includes the following key resources:
  • Three pop up banners that reinforce how quickly a human being can become entrapped/engulfed;
  • A lung display that demonstrates how difficult it is to breathe in grain;
  • A flowing grain display that demonstrates how quickly someone can become engulfed in grain;
  • Two ipads with grain safety games for adults and kids; and
  • A podium for presentations.

Booking the BeGrainSafe Trade Show Unit­

The BeGrainSafe Trade Show Unit is available to book in any province throughout the year. Just fill out the Request a Resource form. This unit is booked on a first come, first served basis. Shipping charges apply.

For more information contact CASA at info@casa-acsa.ca.

BeGrainSafe Trade Show Unit

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