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BeGrainSafe Trailer

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BeGrainSafe Trailer

The BeGrainSafe Trailer is the heart of the BeGrainSafe program and is a key component of our firefighter grain rescue training.

How Rescue Demonstrations Work

The BeGrainSafe Trailer has a built-in silo (capacity 7,000 pounds [318 kg] of grain). Above the silo is a demonstration platform with a davit arm that can safely lower a mannequin or person into the grain. Once entrapped, a minimum of two, properly trained rescue demonstrators use grain rescue tubes in combination with an auger (both included) to safely extract the grain from around the mannequin/person until they can be freed from the grain, while a webcam, PA system and TV monitors bring the rescue to audiences below.

Interactive Displays

The BeGrainSafe Trailer also comes packed with interactive displays and activities, including:

  • A lung display that demonstrates how difficult it is to breathe in grain;
  • A flowing grain display that demonstrates how quickly someone can become engulfed in grain;
  • A leg display that demonstrates the force of grain on the body; and
  • Two ipads with grain safety games for adults and kids.