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Canadian Agricultural Safety Association sets April 15 application deadline for 2011 farm safety funding

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  • Canadian Agricultural Safety Association sets April 15 application deadline for 2011 farm safety funding

Winnipeg, February 28, 2011: The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) will distribute more than $300,000 for agricultural safety and health initiatives across Canada this year under the Canadian Agricultural Safety and Health Program (CASHP). The closing date for CASHP applications is Friday, April 15, 2011.

CASA’s executive director Marcel Hacault says this single deadline is a change this year. “In other years, we’ve had two rounds of applications,” he says, “but recipients in the second round told us they had trouble completing the projects before the end of March the following year. We hope this change will encourage more applicants.”

Ag safety projects funded by CASHP must:

  • develop resources to support the delivery of safety and health training to groups and communities;
  • develop provincial or territorial safety organizations to champion ag safety and health initiatives;
  • transfer knowledge in engineering, education, health and social behavior via a practical resource for producers;
  • develop activities to support the annual Canadian Agricultural Safety Week regionally and nationally.

CASHP support is provided under the federal-only component of the Business Development program of the federal-provincial-territorial Growing Forward initiative.

Individuals, partnerships, organizations and associations, universities, colleges, co-operatives, marketing boards, aboriginal groups, non-profit organizations including industry-led councils, and non-government and government corporations including provincial Crown corporations and municipal governments are considered eligible recipients for funding under the program.

Download the application forms at www.planfarmsafety.ca or email info@casa-acsa.ca to request a form. Call 1-877-452-2272 with questions about the form or the program.

For a list of CASHP projects supported in 2010-11, go to https://casa-acsa.ca/english/funding_projects.html.

Media contact:

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