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CASA congratulates Cargill on SafetySense™

Winnipeg, August 9, 2011: Cargill Limited has released SafetySense™, a new safety plan based on the Canadian Agriculture Safety Association’s (CASA) Canada FarmSafe Plan.

Developed with the health and safety expertise of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association, SafetySense™ is a safety system to be distributed to customers by Cargill. It is intended to bring process and structure to farm managers in allowing them to develop their own unique safety program. Through detailed safety enabling support, Cargill will guide their customers through comprehensive step-by-step processes that will assist them in assessing the safety aspects of their farming operations.

Marcel Hacault, executive director of CASA, says, “We are pleased to work with Cargill on this exciting new program. SafetySense™ is a unique Cargill tool to assist producers in managing their safety risks, and CASA’s Canada FarmSafe Plan served as a great platform from which to start developing the program. We look forward to working with provinces, research and teaching institutions, commodity groups and agri-business who might wish to develop Canada FarmSafe for their markets.”

CASA’s agricultural health and safety specialist Glen Blahey led the development of Canada FarmSafe and worked with Cargill on the creation of SafetySense™. “This program completes the linkage CASA has been establishing with all the players involved in primary agriculture,” says Blahey.

For an outline of Canada FarmSafe, go to www.planfarmsafety.ca. To learn more about Cargill, visit www.cargill.ca.

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) is a national, non-profit organization that provides national leadership and direction for agricultural health and safety to reduce injuries and lessen their negative impact on farmers, their families and workers. CASA is primarily funded through Growing Forward, a federal, provincial and territorial initiative, with support from Canadian agri-business.

About Cargill in Canada

Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Cargill Limited employs more than 10,000 people across Canada and has business interests in meat, egg and oilseed processing, animal feed, salt, chocolate, natural gas, crop inputs, as well as grain handling, merchandising and milling. For more information, visit www.cargill.ca.

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