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Eleven ag safety projects funded across Canada

Winnipeg, June 20, 2011: Toolbox talks, travelling safety days, Danger Detective on the Horse Farm and Nova Scotia’s farm safety outreach initiative are among eleven projects receiving funding this year from the Canadian Agricultural Safety and Health Program (CASHP) administered by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA).

CASA will distribute almost $200,000 to develop or deliver four national and seven provincial agricultural safety projects from BC to Nova Scotia.

CASHP’s advisory committee annually allocates funds provided under Growing Forward, a federal, provincial and territorial initiative, to qualified groups who submit applications according to deadlines set by CASA.

Marcel Hacault, CASA’s executive director, explains that “CASHP assists in funding initiatives that can help producers, their employees and families identify and manage safety risks”. He says “we annually look for projects that have the potential to advance CASA’s vision of a Canada where no one is hurt farming”.

For a complete list of the 2011 projects, check out Project Grants at www.planfarmsafety.ca.

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