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Farm Safety Resources for Kids!

The value of hard work, a sense of responsibility and pride in a job well done are characteristics that all parents want to nurture in their children. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing your child accomplish great things through hard work and determination.

Farm kids are lucky because they see first-hand how to accomplish tasks successfully, be stewards of land and livestock, and take pride in hard work.

Below are a number of resources to help your farm family grow, thrive and stay safe.

Season to season, watch for farm machinery

Farm machinery is an important part of the farm, but it can be dangerous!

Each year, children are seriously injured by farm machinery, this colouring sheet is a great way to start discussions about how to stay safe.

Playing Safe on the Farm!

Toolbox Talks for Kids

Growing up on the farm is the best! It’s a great place to learn about food and animals and about how everything grows! Even though living and playing on the farm is awesome, we still have to be careful. After all, a farm isn’t a playground, it’s a place where very important work gets done.

Download this Toolbox Talk for Kids and customize it to fit your family and your farm.

Farm Safety Contract for Kids and Parents

Do you want your child to keep safety in mind? Get them to sign on the dotted line!

A farm safety contract is a great way to instill the importance of safety between a parent and child. Download and print this contract, write down all the safety rules your child should follow to be safe on the farm, and sign it together.

Are you wondering what activities are appropriate for youth working in agriculture? Or would you like to know how to better protect and supervise youth while working on agriculture operations?

Youth doing work that doesn’t match their developmental level and abilities increases the risk of injury. Children, teens, and adults working on farms face hazards not encountered in other jobs. Use these guidelines to help determine if a youth is ready to perform a job and learn more about hazards and keeping working youth safe.

Creating Safe Play Areas

Playing is an important means for children to develop physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Different types of play activities influence these attributes of development. An ideal play area blends activities matched to the developmental stages and abilities of children.

Daily Learning Drop Series

Progressive Agriculture Safety Days®

Progressive Agriculture Safety Days remains committed to continuing our mission of educating children and families living on farms, ranches and rural communities. For those that cannot attend a Safety Day this spring, we can bring pieces of the Safety Day to your home. These Daily Learning Drops offer various safety and health-related activities and demonstrations using a fun, unique and hands-on approach. As the children are home, now is the perfect time to think about adopting safer practices and healthier lifestyles.