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On-Farm Agricultural Worker Safety Training Review Summary

Agriculture remains one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Training has been acknowledged as a key factor in the promotion of occupational safety and health. Training makes workers aware of the hazards they may encounter in the workplace, informs them of the tools and regulations that are in place to protect them and drives them towards safe behaviours.

Safety & Health Insurance Available and Farmer Insurance Needs

Safety & Health Insurance Available and Farmer Insurance Needs Executive Summary

It is a common view that farmers do not have adequate health insurance to manage their health needs given the physical and mental risks that come with farming. The cost of farmers’ injuries and illness can be mitigated if farmers had more preventative, appropriate, and cost-effective health and disability coverage.

This report is to perform a preliminary overview of the health benefit plans currently offered by provincial and territorial farm organizations and a summary of the available coverage from traditional insurance providers.