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Mental Health

A Healthy Farm is a Safe Farm

This farm safety and mental wellness hub is dedicated to bringing together information and resources in one place, improving the health and safety of all Canadian farmers, farm families, farm workers and farming communities. 

The content found on this page is not intended to replace medical help or professional advice. If you, or someone you know is in crisis, please visit your local emergency room or call 911. 
This page has been brought to you in part with thanks to Farm Credit Canada.
Mental wellness is directly associated with safe farming practices, after all a healthy farmer is a safe farmer. This farm safety and mental wellness hub is a growing, changing resource. If you’d like to contribute, provide feedback, or would like more information, please contact CASA.

Organization and Resource Highlights

The following organizations and resources are available to support farmers, farm families, farm workers and farming communities through tough times, please read the descriptions and click through the links for more information. 

Over half of Canada’s farmers report they suffer from anxiety—that’s almost 10 times higher than Canada’s labour market. Twenty-five percent of farmers reported experiencing suicidal thoughts in the past year.

National Farmer Mental Health Alliance  Our goal is to help farmers thrive. We provide counselling services to farmers and their families. We also provide speaking and training engagements to stakeholders in the community along with a whole host of other supports.  Contact us to learn more.

A serious injury, illness or a fatality on the farm changes everything — for the family and the business.

Threads of Life – the Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support – is there to help. Through our unique peer-to-peer volunteer family guide program, networking events and information services we help people struggling with the results of a workplace tragedy know they’re not alone.

For support please reach out – Threads of Life is here for you.  Programs are offered at no cost to individuals and families impacted by workplace tragedy.

Your Mental Health Matters

Even during tough times, you can take steps to manage your mental health. With Rooted in Resilience, you’ll learn how you can develop your ability to recover from adversity, regain your purpose and thrive.
Take care of yourself.

Rooted in Resilience: Learn to manage your mental health

Canadian Centre for Agricultural Wellbeing

The Canadian Centre for Agricultural Wellbeing brings together national and global leaders in the agricultural mental health field to conduct cutting-edge research to develop evidence-based community-informed programming and education to address wellbeing-related challenges amongst Canadian farmers.

More than 3 out of 4 Canadian farmers are experiencing medium to high stress

Employing business management practices can help farmers get through tough times such as market crashes or crop failures. Among farmers who use written business plans, 88% claim that it has contributed to peace of mind. Outcomes of
the project reaffirm findings of other recent research and add new insights into the ways that farm business management can be supported in ways that contribute to farmer mental health. 

Find out more: Healthy Minds, Healthy Farms: Exploring the Connection Between Mental Health and Farm Business Management


The Do More Agriculture Foundation (Do More Ag) is thrilled to announce the launch of AgTalk powered by Togetherall. The peer support platform will be accessible across the entire Canadian agriculture industry. The platform provides a safe and anonymous space where anyone 16+ can connect, share, and receive support from a community of peers who relate to their unique experiences. With 24/7 bilingual clinical moderation, AgTalk, powered by Togetherall, ensures a secure environment for open discussions on mental health.

Farm Safety, Mental Wellness, and You

These graphics and resources connect farm safety and mental wellness. These resources are free to download, use and share.

CASA works with Provincial Partners across Canada to bring farm and ranch health and safety information to Canadians, including mental wellness resources. Find provincial-specific links below. 

AgSafe BC

Ontario Federation of Agriculture

AgSafe Alberta

L'Union des producteurs agricoles* (QC) *Some resources available in English

Agricultural Health and Safety Network (SK)

Agricultural Alliance of NB

Keystone Agricultural Producers (MB)

We Talk. We Grow. (NS)

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (ON)

PEI Federation of Agriculture

Below are links to resources and organizations that can help. Click through to read more about each organization and what they can offer.

(CASA does not own the rights to any of the resources linked.)

Provincal Links

National Links

Other CASA Resources

Looking after your health, wellness and safety is one of the best investments you can make for the future of your farm and your family. 

Supporting Farmers, Farm Families, Farm Workers and Your Community

Start a Conversation Today!
Farm Safety isn’t just about farmers. It’s also about Community Members, Agricultural Retailers, Educators and Medical Professionals. Are you an Agriculture Retailer wondering what you can do to make sure your customers are happy, healthy and safe? Are you a teacher who wonders what to do to help your students understand the hazards on the farm? Are you a Medical Professional concerned for your patients’ health and wellbeing? Are you a community member who just wants to be the difference for farm health and safety? You’re in luck! The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association has developed a Farm Talk Series of resources to help you start the conversation.

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Research, Reports and Other Links for Providers and Researchers

This section features links reports, journal articles, publications and papers on farmer mental health and wellness. If you have a resource you’d like featured, please contact CASA.



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