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More Firefighters Trained than ever through CASA’s BeGrainSafe Program

Winnipeg, MB, February 1, 2023– The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) is pleased to announce that over 600 firefighters from 25 fire departments were trained on how to respond to grain entrapment incidents throughBeGrainSafe, CASA’s grain safety programfrom February through November 2022. 2022 marks a 30 percent increase of firefighters trained from 2021.  

“The continued success and need for the BeGrainSafe training show just how important this program is,” says Andrea Lear, CASA’s Chief Executive Officer. “It is withthankstomanyindividuals and organizationsthatmore firefighters than ever have taken part in this life-saving training.BeGrainSafemaster trainers, fire departments, local community members, and sponsors allworkedhardto make each trainingsessionsuccessful.”     

The BeGrainSafe program, the first of its kind in Canada, works to educate and train in the dangers of moving grain. At the heart of the program is the BeGrainSafe Trailer, a mobile training and demonstration unit that allows firefighters to have practical, hands-on experience in grain extraction processes.     

In 2022, the BeGrainSafe program trained firefighters in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. In 2023, training will start in Ontario in February.  

“We were able to train 87 firefighters in two weeks in our own department,” says Russ Lloyd, BeGrainSafe Master Trainer and Safety/Training Officer for the City of Sarnia. “Every day we respond to car accidents, kitchen fires, and incidents that we are well-trained in that we respond to all the time. The calls we don’t get all the time are agricultural incidents, but because of the lower frequency, there is a high potential of risk – of not getting there fast enough, or not knowing what to do. The BeGrainSafe program helps fill those knowledge gaps.” 

TheBeGrainSafeprogramwould not be possible without the generous support of sponsors including the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal, provincial and territorial initiative, G3, CortevaAgriscience, CN, FMC, Agriculture Financial Services Corp., Alberta Canola, Alberta Wheat, Bayer Crop Science,  Canadian Canola Growers Association,FCC, Nutrien Ag Solutions, SaskCanola, Sask Wheat, Viterra, Manitoba CanolaGrowers, Grain Farmers of Ontario, and Prairie Oat Growers Association. 

For more information aboutBeGrainSafe, including resources,BeGrainSafeweek, and training, visit casa-acsa.ca/begrainsafe.     

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and safety of farmers, their families and agricultural workers. CASA is funded in part through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, federal, provincial and territorial initiative and receives additional support from the agricultural and corporate sectors. For more information, visit www.casa-acsa.ca, find us on Facebook or LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter @planfarmsafety.    


Robin Anderson 

Communications Coordinator CASA/ACSA 
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