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Ag Youth Work Guidelines

Are you wondering what activities are appropriate for youth working in agriculture? Or would you like to know how to better protect and supervise youth while working on agriculture operations?

Youth doing work that doesn’t match their developmental level and abilities increases the risk of injury. Children, teens, and adults working on farms face hazards not encountered in other jobs. Use these guidelines to help determine if a youth is ready to perform a job and learn more about hazards and keeping working youth safe.

*These guidelines are produced by the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety (NCCRAHS). For more information about NCCRAHS visit marshfieldresearch.org/nccrahs.

Other Resources

Safe Play
Playing is an important means for children to develop physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Different types of play activities influence these attributes of development. An ideal play area blends activities matched to the developmental stages and abilities of children.
Cleaning Calf Pens / Hutches
Cleaning Grain Bins
Cleaning Service Alleys
Connect / Disconnect an Implement
Detasseling Corn
Facing Silage from a Bunker
Feeding Hay to Livestock
Feeding Milk to Calves
Fieldwork with an Implement
Hand Weeding
Harvesting Tree Fruit
Haying Operations
Horses and Trailed Implements
Loading / Unloading Hay
Milking Cows (in a parlor)
Milking Cows (using a pipeline)
Moving Large Round Bales
Operating a Lawn Mower
Operating a Pressure Washer
Operating a Skid Steer
Operating a Tractor
Operating a Tractor – Cognitive Development
Operating a Tractor – Perceptual Development
Operating a Tractor – Physical Development
Operating a Tractor – Social Development
Operating a Tractor – Sociocultural Factors
Operating a Utility Task Vehicle
Operating an All-Terrain Vehicle
Operating an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Operating Self-Propelled Equipment
Picking Rock
Pruning Dwarf Fruit and Nut Trees
Pruning Vines
Refueling Equipment
Repairing Fence
Spreading Solid Manure
Trimming Christmas Trees
Unloading Grain and Silage
Using a Barn Cleaner
Using a Front-End Loader
Using Farmstead Equipment
Working Outdoors
Working with Irrigation Systems
Working with Large Animals
Working with Pigs
Working with Poultry