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Canada FarmSafe Plan

Canada FarmSafe Plan

Develop a farm safety plan for your farm

Good planning can help a farm become and stay successful. Farmers develop business, marketing and environmental plans to ensure the success of their farm; so why not plan for safety? Developing a safety program not only makes great business sense, it helps to ensure the health and safety of everyone who lives, works on, or visits a farm.

But where to start?

CASA’s Canada FarmSafe Plan takes the guess work out of developing a safety program. It includes step by step guides, sample policies and checklists that make up the foundation of a safety program, including:

  • Creating a general policy statement for health and safety on your farm;
  • Assessing risks and identifying hazards;
  • Creating standard operating procedures;
  • Developing an emergency preparedness plan;
  • Investigating incidents;
  • Conducting safety trainings;
  • Communicating responsibilities; and
  • Reviewing and updating the plan.

The complete Canada FarmSafe Plan is available for download. Alternately you can browse and download any of the forms below.

Members of the public can access the complete Canada FarmSafe Plan for their private use at no cost. Organizations wishing to adapt and distribute the Canada FarmSafe Plan for commercial purposes must sign a third party agreement. Contact CASA for details at info@casa-acsa.ca.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting started and Manual (Canada FarmSafe Plan Overview)
    • Getting Started
      • Preliminary Assessment
      • Model Outline
      • Implementation Checklist
    • Manual
      • Business Risk Management
      • Making Your Farm a Safer Place
        • General Policy Statement
        • Identify Hazards
        • Control Strategies
        • Communicate Responsibilities
        • Review
      • Resources
      • Health and Safety Principles
  2. For Employees (Employee Handbook)
    • Employee Handbook
    • New Employee Orientation Checklist
    • Confidential Personal Wellness Assessment
  3. Policies (Record Keeping)
    • Record Book
    • Disciplinary Policy
    • Agricultural Worker Working Alone Guidelines
    • Contractor Safety Responsibilities
  4. Risk Assessment
    • Conducting a Risk Assessment
    • Risk Assessment Checklists
    • Key Health and Safety Considerations
    • Assessment Tool
    • Farm Safety Checklists
  5. Plans and Teaching Tools (Safety Meetings)
    • Meeting and Messaging Types
    • Safety Meetings
    • Farm Safety Messages
    • Keeping Older Family Members and Workers Safe
    • Keeping Your Children Safe
  6. Sample Forms
    • Confidential Personal Wellness Assessment
    • Farm Risk Assessment
    • Job Hazard Analysis
    • Standard Operating Practices
    • Emergency Preparedness Plan
    • Contractor Safety Responsibilities
    • Incident Investigation
    • Incident/Hazard Report
    • Disciplinary Policy for Health and Safety Infractions
    • Toolbox Meeting Plan and Report Form
    • Review Checklist