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Teaching Kits

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CASA’s agricultural safety teaching kits are interactive and effective. They are appropriate for all ages and locations.

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Available Teaching Kits

Spot the Dangers

This fun, hands-on activity asks participants to identify dangers found on this farm. Intended to start conversations, this laminated resource comes with dry-erase markers.

Chemical Look-a-Like Kit

Get a competition going to choose the safe versus the poisonous chemical – simply by appearance.

Gelatin Brain Mould

A kit of three life-size brain moulds comes with instructions on how to mix up a brain-like gel to let set in the mould.

Interactive Grain Engulfment and Lung Displays

Grain may pose a significant hazard. These table top displays demonstrate how dangerous grain can be.

Gravity Flow Wagon

Use this wagon to show how quickly a person can get trapped and suffocate in a grain.

Mass Force Demonstration

Use this ingenious display of curved wood and marbles to demonstrate what happens when a large mass such as a bull and a small mass such as a child collide.

Noise Exposure Demonstration Model (Albert)

Use “Albert” to demonstrate excessive noise exposure from personal listening devices.

PTO (Power Take Off) Display

Follow the accompanying safety instructions carefully to demonstrate the incredible speed of a revolving PTO shaft.
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Stop, Drop, and Roll Vest Kit

This kit provides 15 yellow heavy plastic vests sporting three red velcroed “flames” that come off and stick to carpet when participant stops, drops and rolls!

Underground Utility Safety Module

TC Energy’s Youth Energy Safe school kits were developed over three years of research and collaboration with teachers and students. The kits help educate youth by providing underground utility safety information using unique classroom components specific to either children or teens. (Note: Requests for this kit can be made through CASA or through TC Energy.)

FiAR - Fire Extinguisher Safety Training Tool

FiAR is a realistic, hands-on, augmented reality fire extinguisher training tool. FiAR delivers true-to-life experience without placing the learner in harm’s way. 

Bullex Digital Fire Simulator

Set the LED monitor on digital burn and douse the flames with a laser extinguisher. It’s a safe and clean indoor fire safety experience – with very realistic sound effects.
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Drunk Buster Googles

Included in this kit are 7 pairs of goggles, an activity map, and steering wheel.

Simulating a country road in a rural setting, the 6′ x 12′ mat is a great interactive activity to demonstrate the dangers of impaired driving (or farming). 

Fatal Vision Goggle Kit

There are 15 goggles in this kit to allow your group special insight on how to get through the day with severe visual impairment.

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