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Yvan Bergeron

Yvan Bergeron is able to navigate his dairy operation safely and productively thanks to several adaptations and a small utility vehicle following a PTO injury.

Yvan Bergeron knows how hard it is to keep a farm going following a farm injury. In 2011, the dairy farmer from St-Samuel, Quebec was performing maintenance on a hay wagon when his clothing got caught in a PTO. Three days later, doctors were forced to amputate his right arm just above the elbow. Bergeron learned to perform major tasks with his left hand, and his mechanical prosthesis helped a great deal. But there were limits, and certain tasks became difficult and in some cases impossible to accomplish.

That’s where the Back to Ag Program and the FarmSafe Foundation comes in. The program supported the cost of several adaptations to help make farming safer and easier for Bergeron. Staircases, stepladders, stools and a garage jack gave Bergeron a helping hand. And as you will see in the video below, a small utility vehicle helped Bergeron feed his herd without straining his remaining arm.

The Bergeron family tell their Back to Ag story in this video diary.

Back to Ag is finally a program for us, traumatically injured farmers. Supporting Back to Ag is supporting a farmer who has limitations to continue living his passion and thus carrying on his active contribution to society.
– Yvan Bergeron, Quebec farmer