Program Overview

In response to increased grain entrapment fatalities, CASA’s BeGrainSafe program has worked to save lives since 2017.

From awareness-raising displays and demonstrations at farm shows to firefighter training and producer education, we reach all ages with our grain safety message.

Firefighter Training

Firefighters are trained in complex grain rescue procedures.

Producer Training

Producers learn about grain safety best practices and develop an emergency response plan for on-site grain storage in the event of an entrapment/engulfment.

Prevention Education

The public learns about the dangers of grain entrapment through interactive displays and demonstrations. Browse Our Resources below and find the tool that’s right for you.

Our Resources

Book our trailer, trade show unit, or interactive table top displays for a trade show, training or education event near you.

BeGrainSafe Trailer

This mobile training and demonstration unit entraps a mannequin/person in flowing grain in a controlled manner to demonstrate the dangers of grain entrapment and rescue training procedures. The BeGrainSafe Trailer can be used for large trade shows, firefighter training, or producer training.

BeGrainSafe Trade Show Unit

This unit uses pop-up banners, interactive physical displays, and digital games to raise general awareness about the dangers of flowing grain and grain entrapments. The Trade Show Unit is geared for smaller trade shows.

BeGrainSafe Table Top Displays

(Interactive Flowing Grain and Lung Displays) These units include two interactive physical displays: a flowing grain demonstration and a lung display. The Table Top Display is designed for small events and youth farm safety activities.

Donate to BeGrainSafe

Support our work to increase grain safety awareness and training. Make a donation to the BeGrainSafe program through our registered charity.

Become a BeGrainSafe Sponsor

Our sponsors play a key role in getting the message of grain safety out to rural communities. Find out if BeGrainSafe is a great fit for your business.

BeGrainSafe Sponsorship

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